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Let's add intelligence to your machine and give possibility to predict its failures
Let's add intelligence to your machine and give possibility to predict its failures

Modern machines consist of hundreds of components that constantly measure process values such as pressure, temperature, voltage, etc. and communicate with each other which generates huge amount of valuable data.

The algorithms of artificial intelligence give the opportunity to analyze the data in search of relations, trends, and anomalies, the interpretation of which enables to estimate the condition of machines and predict failures long before they occur.

Knowing the exact time of the failure, one can optimize exploitation, service, and logistic actions. This results in avoiding failures and unplanned technical downtimes, and, as a consequence, bringing financial profit for the enterprise.

This approach is called Predictive Maintenance and our device – The eye – enables effective realization of this strategy. Just plug it in and it will “keep an eye” on the technical condition of components. The eye provides intelligence to your machines. Imagine all the benefits it can bring!

What is PDM?

Our solution will let you make optimal exploitation, service and logistic decisions, thanks to which you will:

  • improve technical availability of the machines
  • improve the general quality of your service
  • reduce the risk of delays and stops in providing service
  • improve safety and clients’ satisfaction
  • reduce the cost of unplanned maintenance work
  • predict the cost of service more efficiently
  • determine the cause of failure
  • use the data from sensors in a vehicle more efficiently
  • implement the most innovative solution.

Due to the relatively low cost of purchase, implementation and maintenance of The eye, the financial benefits will be visible almost immediately


The eye is based on Deep Learning – an innovative method which revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence and made the machines intelligent as never before. Our company was the first in the world to apply those algorithms to estimating technical conditions of machines and failure prediction.

Designing our device we took much effort to make sure it is intuitive and easy to use and implement. The eye is able to do calculations directly on the vehicle using data from already built-in sensors. Just plug it in and it will “keep an eye” on the technical condition of component.

As soon as the device detects anomaly, you will be informed. User is able to choose a convenient way for the notifications and alerts (e.g. via e-mail, text messages or by creating proper tickets for some other systems).

As the device is fully autonomous, there is no need to transfer huge amount of data, provide constant Internet access, and establish the constant connection between the machine and remote central computational server.

The eye is completely autonomous, yet the best solution is to create a network of co-working devices which gives machines the opportunity to exchange data and “learned experience”. The eye provides intelligence to your machines.

RSIMS dashboard visualizes the data about all the monitored machines, including the data about current health scores and the probability of oncoming failures. Valuable data can also be exported to the business reports of a format chosen by user.

In that way on one screen you can observe not only the technical condition of all your machines, but also check their location and transfer them to the nearest service point. The eye helps you to find the best possible solution for your problem.

The algorithms of artificial intelligence give the opportunity to analyze the data in search of relations, trends, and anomalies, the interpretation of which enables to estimate the condition of machines and predict failures long before they occur.

The eye is based on the cutting edge researches in data science. The effects exceed most daring expectations! In comparison to competitors, The eye can predict more, earlier, and more precise.

We have various solutions for PdM purposes. You can choose one of them or combine both ending up with a product perfectly tailored for your business and needs.

  • Robust and powerful system dedicated for Predictive Maintenance that enables the limitless possibilities of easily creating and maintaining analytical models for any machine
  • Immediate worldwide access to the information about condition of your machines on a single dashboard
  • No need for a physical interference with your machines
  • Equipped with tools for fast and detailed reporting

  • Small plug & play devices dedicated and tailored to your machine
  • Does not require the continuous access to the Internet because the computations are directly on-boards
  • Low costs of implementation and usage
  • Enables smart-city like applications
  • Possibility to integrate with any protocol, e.g. CAN (including SAE J1939), MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP

About us

Our company consists of highly specialized experts in data analysis

The team of experts will help you implement innovative solutions on a daily manner. Together we will deal with problems of your enterprise in a fast and efficient way.

In recruitment process we chose the best representatives of Polish universities. Our team consists of people with different skills from different fields such as IT specialists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. This helps us look at your problems from different points of view.

With our company you can be sure that your enterprise will gain competitive advantage over others.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is the cooperation with the best technical universities in Poland. Our company was established by the AGH UST in Krakow – outstanding Polish technical university – therefore, we have gained necessary knowledge to popularize innovative solutions in industry. Join the group of companies that trusted us.

Success is not the matter of an accident, it is the combination of creativity and passion with hard work.

Our employees worked in companies such as IBM, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Luxoft. The experience gained there enabled us to create a company that will not be outdone by corporations.

We are dynamic and creative. We treat every client individually and follow client’s suggestions to fulfill every need.

Standing still leads to nowhere. Do not wait and make a choice. We will help you find the right direction by choosing the offer according to your company’s needs.

„Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”

Peter Drucker


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